Jessica P. waiting for her runway walk (IMG_7775a)

Jessica P. waiting for her runway walk (IMG_7775a)

Run to the Sun is a cool store in Anchorage, Alaska that offers swim and resort wear as well as tanning. Every year as part of the Alaska’s Womens Show, Run to the Sun has a fashion show offering the latest fashion styles for us sun/beach deprived locals. The show is great to watch. Photographing it a bit tricky since the lighting at the Sullivan Arena is tough (for me) to shoot.

I’ve met a lot of great models through the show and hope to continue this – the women and men that Michelle uses are very classy and fun to shoot with.

FYI – the shows were in April in the past but due to scheduling conflicts the Womens Show moved to September so in 2010 we had two fashion shows. You won’t hear me complaining!

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